Barbara Allen

This founding partner draws on a award-winning background that includes writing, corporate communications and public relations for three national Canadian companies.

Finding the story in any situation is a skill that informs Barbara’s approach to creating memorable marketing campaigns.

As part of a creative team, I enjoy the process of encouraging the story to reveal itself. It’s part research; part intuitive. Once we do our homework, understand our market and how people are feeling right now, we’re on the way to something fantastic.”

Richard Arfin

A background in filmmaking for the National Film Board, industrial television, graphic design and a passion for music and technology are good ingredients to bring to the dance of a creative partnership.

Being able to deliver creative that translates into many media applications is of particular interest to Richard.

Every medium has its rules. Getting a powerful message to stay powerful across print, broadcast and internet demands an in-depth understanding of each. I’m fortunate in that I ‘ve studied how to use each medium to a client’s best advantage.”